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Milwaukee Movers Who Don't Cut Corners

It's a fact. Many Milwaukee movers, including some well known ones, do not use trucks designed to move household goods. They use freight trucks. Why? They cost less. They're also smaller, so their drivers do not have to hold a Commercial Drivers License, which is the only way to be assured you have trusted your belongings to a professional. In addition, if a Milwaukee mover does not have the right size equipment to handle your move, it will cost you more every time, no matter how much they say it won't!

Freight trucks are not designed to move household goods. Period. They are designed to move large boxes and stuff on pallets. They do not have the suspension systems and internal security devices that soften the ride and prevent damage from load shift and violent road reaction that moving vans are designed to handle. In addition, freight trucks do not have the suspension system that enables them to lower the moving compartment closer to the street, making it easier for the moving crew to load and unload. It may not seem like a big difference, but when you are making several hundred trips up and down that ramp a day, the time and energy saved by the moving crew makes a big difference.

What is in the truck also matters. How many large furniture wrapping pads do they have on every truck? Bluemound Express Moving and Storage Co. carries at least 100. How often do they replace their pads out? Bluemound Express Moving and Storage Co. changes theirs out at least once a year. What about specialized equipment to move appliances, pianos, big screen TVs, etc.? Our trucks all carry the right equipment right on board, so you don't have to pay extra while we try and round up the equipment needed to handle your special needs. Our movers are properly trained to use the equipment, unlike the staff at many Milwaukee moving companies. Read our Wisconsin moving customer testimonials to hear the difference proper training, trucks, and moving equipment makes. For all these reasons and more, Bluemound Express Moving and Storage Co. are the Waukesha movers Milwaukee trusts.

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