Moving to a new town or neighborhood with your kids can seem daunting—especially when you consider how hard it is just to get them to and from the grocery store. Fear not; there are many techniques and ideas that parents who have gone before you have developed. Take a look at the following moving prep tips for making a relocation easier on you and your children.

kids moving


Talk to your children ahead of time.

Before you really begin the process of moving your home, be sure that you include your children in the discussion. Explain why you are moving, and why it will be a good thing. Get input from your children about what your new home should be like. Foster a sense of inclusion and control so that the kids don’t feel helpless.

Find the right neighborhood.

Make sure that the home you choose is in an area that works for your children. Are the schools good? Can the kids play safely in the front yard or in the street? Are there theaters, sports clubs, and other entertainment options nearby? Consider what your family likes to do throughout the year and try to make all of the same activities available.

Give young kids helpful tasks.

Young children can be made to feel much more in control if they are given tasks and responsibilities that help with the move. Packing up his own room might not be fun for your 8-year-old, but he may want to help plan the route, label boxes, or tackle other “grownup” jobs before the moving company shows up.

Explore your new surroundings.

Once you have all moved in and unpacked, get your family back out the door to see what your new neighborhood has to offer. Perhaps there are fun bike trails or parks nearby. Maybe your new town has restaurants and shops that your old town didn’t. Get your kids excited about their new home!

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