A relocation is often among the most stressful events people have to deal with. There is stress that comes with travel, transporting belongings, finding new social circles, and so much more. One way to cut down on the stress of a move is by planning and streamlining the different parts of the process. Read on to pick up a few tips for making packing more efficient.



Get a head start.

Moving is hectic enough, so you will definitely want to avoid moving in a hurry. Well before the moving truck shows up, start selling or donating things you don’t care to take with you, and pack up items that you won’t need to use before you move.

Label everything.

Once you get to your new home, you will need to unpack everything. Having some order to your unpacking will help immensely. Label all of your boxes on two or three sides with a list of the items inside and the rooms in which they should be placed.

Don’t unpack just to pack.

If you empty dresser drawers to move, you are just going to end up using more truck space than you need. Keep those drawers full and cut down on boxes. Similarly, keep clothes on hangers and lay them flat in your car or on top of boxes. This will save space while also making unpacking much easier.

Set aside necessities.

Avoid packing things you will need throughout the moving process. Toiletries, bedding, a change of clothes, cleaning supplies, and anything else you may need on the road or in your first few days at your new home should be readily accessible.

Don’t overspend on packing materials.

You can save money, and therefore reduce stress, by picking up used boxes from large stores or friends who have moved recently. Strong garbage bags are great for packing things like clothes and bedding. You can also use newspaper, paper bags, and rags to wrap fragile items, rather than purchasing bubble wrap.

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