Are you preparing to move into a new home? Moving prep is essential to ensuring the process goes as smoothly and quickly as possible. After researching and hiring a moving company, make sure to review your contract and schedule your movers’ arrival for a convenient time. Continue reading to find more moving tips and learn how creating a moving file, packing essentials last, and using color-coded labels ensures your move stays organized from beginning to end.

moving day


Create a Moving File

A moving and storage company often advises clients to create a moving file to store all important documents related to your move. Keep your moving company’s contact information and important packing tips inside. You might want to also add phone numbers for your new neighbors and new schools for children.

Pack All Essentials Last

One of the best moving prep tips is to pack a survival box full of essentials. This box should contain your children’s favorite toys, bed sheets, blankets, pillows, and an alarm clock. Whatever you might need for your first night in your new home should be carefully packed inside. For professionals, consider adding a coffeemaker, computer, and phone charger.

Use Color-Coded Labels

If your moving company sells labels and boxes, consider purchasing these directly from the source to keep the process as efficient as possible. You can also make your own color-coded labels to keep your possessions organized. Pick one color for each room, and try to make your labels as detailed as possible. For example, you could pick green for the living room, and label each box according to which cabinet or bookshelf its contents will be stored inside.

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